View Full Version : GF3 wibbly wobbly problem

07-27-03, 03:03 AM
I bought a GF3 cheap and stuck it in a AMD 760 chipset machine running Win XP.

At 1024x768 60Hz it has a tight wandering weave down all the edges, the screen flickers on and off. At 72Hz it is worse. The problem goes away at 1600x1200! It also gets better as the Mhz goes up, at 100 is is perfect. Normally I'd expect it to be worse at higher refresh and resolutions.

Note this is not the flicker you get running low refresh, it is distortion.

I have tried several drivers, 28's 4.072 and 44's and all the same. Some resolutions like 800x600 and 1152x??? are fine.

Is this a known problem with GF3's and either WinXP or my AMD 760 chipset ?

Very strange, maybe my card is a bit off colour.



07-27-03, 05:25 AM
You talking about the wavey lines that are easiest to see on dark backgounds, most noticable for me at low res. I think it may be interferance from my speakers on my desk, do you have any speakers close to your screen? Im going to pack away my speakers, I'll let you know if the lines went away.