View Full Version : *bangs head over Intellisample IQ slider*

07-27-03, 06:33 AM
Sheesh, for some reason I forgot or overlooked the fact that the Performance(formerly known as Quality, formerly known as Balanced) setting in the Detonator drivers *does not* do a tri/bi mix anymore like it used to, but does only bilinear!

Damn, I feel so stupid, I've been giving people erroneus information about that :(

In that case I feel an overhaul is in order, they should definitely bring back that mode, it was a good compromise mode. Ugh, so NV3x cards have two modes that force bilinear, and only one mode with trilinear.

/bangs head against wall a few more times.

Anyway, just a little reminder for those who also forgot(or never knew).

NVIDIA's Performance mode AF is equivalent to ATI's Performance mode AF.

07-27-03, 11:55 AM
Links to show what the current performance is bilinear?

Maybe it's a bug...

I honestly think going back to the bilinear days is going backwards in achieving a better gaming enviornment...

07-27-03, 08:51 PM
Ugh...the link I gave to people when I told them to look at the new filtering patterns introduced in 44.03(pretty sure they are the same in 43.51).


Anand shows the same thing, that NVIDIA's Performance AF looks the same as ATI's Performance AF(ie, users bilinear).


I have no clue how I forgot this! NVIDIA changes the slider too damn much :( Again, if you believe [H], the next driver will add further changes, new options, and maybe changes to how the slider works.