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09-08-10, 01:45 AM
Not sure which section to put this, so general HW for now I guess.

Anyway, I got a issue with a pair of 3d vision glasses I borrowed to try out on my new 120hz screen.
They keep throwing out flashes of bright (presumably both eyes unshuttered when theyīre not supposed to be).
Word on the web seems to be to use 100hz instead but thats really a workaround and not a solution.
Running the glasses @50hz would probably be more straining for the eyes..

So, anyone had any experience with odd flashes with their 3d vision glasses?
(itīs not lighting, tried with all lights off and all other monitors off.)

09-08-10, 09:54 AM
Use the latest 3D Vision driver CD from NVIDIA's website. Also when you do the initial setup after the driver install, try using the second option for your room setup (the 3D vision glasses is being used in a room with other electronics). Perhaps you have some other interference messing with the glasses. Running it at 100Hz isn't that bad either unless you are really sensitive to that sort of stuff. It also helps reduce the ghosting that you sometimes see.

09-08-10, 10:46 AM
Im using the latest drivers, I acctually had to download the separate 3d vision installer even though its included in the regular driver package, it refused to install the USB driver otherwise.

I am using the second option, I figured it was worth a try but it didnt really make any difference.
Also I might mention that I have charged the batteries, read something about flashing being a sign their run out, but it only flashes 3 times or something when that happens.

09-08-10, 10:47 AM
What screen are you using?

09-08-10, 10:50 AM
a Acer GD245HQ

09-09-10, 09:25 AM
Left 4 Dead 2 seems to work fine, maybe itīs isolated to WOW?

09-18-10, 05:22 PM
did you turn on the stereoscopic options in wow itself? there are options there to turn on in the game too. That maybe what is causing the issue because I have played wow in 3d vision with out any problems and my monitor is pretty much the same as yours (I think the gd245hq is the international model of the acer gd235hz).