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09-15-10, 08:19 AM
I've had this MX510 for a very very long time, and during the time i have gone from a CRT 19' to a 24'lcd, so thats like going from 1280x960 gaming to a 1920x1080 gaming. And from memory my MX510 is a 800dpi mouse and i am starting to notice the downsides of the lower dpi settings.

First off...setting to maximum settings in w7 cp, and having enhance pointer off is a good way to increase the movement speed...but...this also means u will be skipping pixels...which was/and is still the most annoying thing for me to play with in some of the more newer fps titles, it was so bad in BC2 that i couldn't snipe at all unless i brought the sensitivity down. Ideally you want the middle settings in w7 cp and usually most new mouse models will let u change the dpi, and thus u will still have 1 to 1 pixel movement and still get faster movement across the screen.

wasn't so bad for me in cs...but wow its so awful for everything else....

I was thinking getting the Razer Mamba, looks pretty good, it is both wired/wireless, has a lot of options, its about 130AUD (Sounds pricey for a mouse..but this is probably something i will not change in a looooooong time)



It is both wired/wireless, even says has a 1hz response time even wireless!.

09-15-10, 11:00 AM
I recently got a Logitech Performance MX mouse, and the thing is beastly. It's the first wireless rechargeable mouse I've had that doesn't require a dock; it recharges via a USB cable, so it can be used while charging as well. The grip on it is wonderful, and the response/accuracy of this mouse are second to none. It's also got a new technology called "Darkfield." It allows you to use it on any surface you can imagine (even glass-top tables).

If you can find a performance MX, that's the mouse I would recommend.

09-15-10, 11:08 AM
I like the new Logitech G700.

Razer needs to improve on their drivers/software

09-15-10, 03:57 PM
thanks guys, keep em coming, ill have look into them.

yea the mamba did have some issues it seems at the start, which they have fixed via firmware updates

09-15-10, 06:26 PM
Even if my MX510 broke, I'd buy another one. Best mouse evar.

09-15-10, 06:32 PM
I have a Razer Mamba. I like it very much, but I liked the feel of their older mouse more. The Mamba feels a little small in my hand.

They recently made a new Lachesis with 5600dpi and customizable lighting. That's the most comfortable mouse I've ever had.


09-16-10, 04:47 AM
I like the new Logitech G700.

Razer needs to improve on their drivers/software

I saw the G700, but it feels more like a keyboard looks great for a mmo.

Even if my MX510 broke, I'd buy another one. Best mouse evar.

I would get it again it too, except the dpi is not sufficient for high res :(...

09-16-10, 05:07 AM
Sidewinder x5. Damn good mouse for the money.

09-21-10, 06:19 AM
Well i went with the Mamba, i got it for 89AUD from a friend of mine who works at the store, so its a good deal.

the mouse it self feels a little bit bigger than the mx510, and nothing really wrong with that, the weight, probably sliiiightly more than a mx510 (without that weight thing..god first thing i did was remove that lol)...overall comfortableness is solid

i am using 3000dpi which i set the middle setting, and it seems perfect fit for me, and the mouse setting/etc in windows is set to 6/11 so no skipping, it's really good. tested it out on bc2, and i was finally able to snipe without skipping!!!...i increased the dpi to max and reduce the setting ingame on the mouse and finally got really amazing smooth movements.

the box it came is insane btw lol...

wireless works like wired movements, i felt no lag, and it feels so strange using it wireless...not used to it lol..

anyway anyone plan on getting one, i highly recommend it if u can find it cheap.

09-21-10, 07:07 AM
the box it came is insane btw lol...

yap, mambas box is the only truelly impressible part of that product.