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09-15-10, 10:40 AM
Earlier this summer,[/URL] we captured a technology demo by [URL="http://www.wolfram.com/"]Wolfram Research (http://www.siggraph.org/) at SIGGRAPH (http://www.siggraph.org/), showcasing the early fruits of a partnership with NVIDIA (http://nvidia.com/) to integrate GPU programming into Wolfram Mathematica (http://www.wolfram.com/products/mathematica/index.html) technical computing software.

This technical collaboration means that Mathematica users with NVIDIA GPUs can soon accelerate Mathematica's performance in computing, modeling, simulation or visualization, boosting speed by factors that can exceed 100x.

Afraid of the programming involved? Don't be. Mathematica‚??s new CUDA programming capabilities dramatically simplify the coding that‚??s needed to take advantage of the performance gains that GPU computing provides. You can focus your innovation on algorithms, rather than spending time on repetitive tasks such as GUI design.

Check out this video in which Wolfram Research Senior Kernel Developer Ulises Cervantes-Pimentel showcases GPU programming for technical computing:


Ulises will have more to say about GPU programming in Mathematica at his talk at the GPU Technology Conference (http://www.nvidia.com/object/gpu_technology_conference.html) in San Jose, Calif. on September 21. Make sure you attend to learn more, and visit the Wolfram booth, #31.

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