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09-15-10, 09:34 PM
Play as Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen and Olympique Lyonnais and experience how FIFA 11 reinvents player authenticity–on and off the ball–with all-new Personality+. Individual abilities are now reflected in-game, allowing clear differentiation for every player on the pitch. Plus, experience true freedom in man-to-man interactions with 360° Fight for Possession that transforms physical play from lateral jostling to full 360° collisions and new Pro Passing, where pass accuracy is determined by a gamer's ability on the control pad, and player skill, situation and urgency on the pitch. The FIFA 11 demo features an exhibition match with 3 minute halves in Real Madrid’s home stadium, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, and users will be able to upload created in-game videos to EA SPORTS Football World. Fans who go to Facebook® to play EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars and complete achievements will receive exclusive access to Arsenal and Emirates Stadium to play in the FIFA 11 demo


09-15-10, 09:44 PM
YES, Barcelona. Thanks, I wonder if its on PSN yet. Thanks for the heads up though.

09-15-10, 11:55 PM
Really liking Fifa11 :captnkill: . Way better than PES2011 IMO. There are some bugs here and there and the goalkeepers are not the best i've seen, but overall it's great!

Performance analysis and some high resolution screenshots for both Fifa11 (http://johndio.blogspot.com/2010/09/fifa11-pc-demo-performance-high.html) and PES2011 (http://johndio.blogspot.com/2010/09/pes-2011-pc-demo-performance-high.html).

09-16-10, 07:26 AM
hmm, I get a lot of strange flickering lights. Need to play with profile tomorrow.

Maybe becaue I was forcing higher AA mode.

09-17-10, 12:57 PM
do they pretend they're injured?

09-17-10, 01:41 PM
slaWter, what settings did you use? I get strange flickering lights

09-18-10, 07:26 AM
The PS3 version is different than those pics. I got the PS3 demo, and the audience/crowd is so awesome. But the players look like images, they don't look real at all. They look like a character from Doom (That quality). I'm downloading the PC version now. Hopefully it will be better. Also, the celebrations looked forced when you score a goal, and your teammates surround you. It's not smooth. But that's just my opinion. On PS3, Fifa 10 seems better. It's exactly the same game as last year, except (worser?) player graphics and better environment.

EDIT: Like this

09-18-10, 11:48 AM

Do i have to use a pad to play?

09-19-10, 10:54 AM
wtf with fifa 11 difficulty?

In fifa 10 I would have to carefully work the ball around to get a goal. First game with fifa 11 was 11 - 0, Juve over Real Madrid. Seriously? Is this still the ps2 AI?

09-19-10, 10:58 AM
Cool version of FIFA for once on PC...However, imo PES2011 has surpassed FIFA this year every way possible....cept for the official license of course but thats easily sorted on PES with mods. :)