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09-16-10, 06:09 PM
I am not a big fan of Adventure games (Mostly I find myself reading walkthroughts at some point) but I enjoy the slow playing... atmosphere, music, etc. Its good to play something like this sometimes. Not too often. I still prefer action, rpg and all "normal" games. Damn even in GTA4 I like to sit in taxi in the rainy night and cruise around game city:D:captnkill:

Some of adventures are my favourite games overall, Like Syberia1 and 2 which I passed like 5 times each. Wonderfull experience which always gets me nostalgic in a sad way when I think about it. (Totally different nostalgia when thinking about old adventure games than for example about duke3d or quake or unreal nut anyway... )

but continuing. I Could use a recommendation or a little push(explain later) for some good adeture games.

Here are my favs which I passed once or more and loved
Already mentioned Syberia1 and 2
Black Mirror -don't laugh! It was suprisingly incrediblly atmospheric!
Broken Sword3 - only once, but need time to replay it

I might have forgotten something but Yoy get the point.

And now something that bothers me most. I ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAY OLD 2D BROKEN SWORD GAMES... It all started when I was like 9yo with demo of Broken sword2 Smoking mirror(demo was in docks part). Thats the only part of 2d BS games I played.
Somehow throught all those years I have weird feel about this game. Like its a hole from my childhood which needs to be filled up. I replayed that demo recently (from the same 12yo disc!!!) and almost cried:o but don't know should I play the full game or I might be dissapointed or someting.
The same goes for Curse of Monkey island! But I never ever even played a demo of it, Just seen pictures and reviews on the old magazines back then. But one thing sure- I dont want too play old pixelated scumv games.(even remakes I think)

Can someone write in chronogicly order BS and MI games?

Edit: ****. This went much more "Wallo Blogo Text" than I wanted :lol: But I bet some of older gamers here also gets nostalgic sometimes in weird ways ;)

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sorry off topic but I always thought the classification of "action" game was pretty stupid. what exactly is an action game? I'd say you could classify 99% of console games as action games, and even most RPGS and RTSs on PC these are pretty action orientated. the only alternative is really turn based strategy games?

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About Monkey Island: you are in luck, they just released the "Special Edition" of the first 2, which are the same games (same story/dialog/interaction) but with a new engine and brand new art.
They also are creating a follow up episodic game.

Check those on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/search/?term=monkey+island

09-16-10, 09:03 PM
The first broken sword was just released on steam,

Also Amnesia the dark descent is a good one[if you've played the Penumbra Series]

There all on steam right now

Also i can recommend:
The Dig
King's Quest Collection
Space Quest Collection
Indiana Jones& The fate Of Atlantis
Agatha Christie's:And Then There Were None
Agatha Christie's:Murder On The Orient Express
Agatha Christie's:Evil Under The Sun
Jolly Rover
Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition
Monkey Island 2:Le Chuck's Revenge
Sherlock Holmes Series

All These Are on Steam:)

09-16-10, 10:44 PM
No one liked Adventure Island? :(

09-17-10, 03:58 AM
I watched the Dig longplay (over3hours) on Youtube sometime ago. Beutifull game with really nice soundtrack.
Also I might be getting Amnesia. Penumbra games were great.

But back to the topic
Can someone write down Moneky Island and Broken Sword games in chronoligical order? I am a little confused about searching for them on gamespot etc

09-17-10, 08:25 AM
Tales of Monkey Island is new and was decent. It's the latest in the series. as for the order


09-17-10, 12:56 PM
The secret of monkey island 1&2 are on sale in a bundle on steam's Weekend Sale for $7.50 until Monday:)