View Full Version : question about fan control software and 3d vision surround

09-29-10, 05:11 PM
1. Is there a software utility that will control a set of 4 way sli gtx 480 cards. Right now I am using evga precision but it only tracks 3 video cards for fan control. I up my fan speed to keep things cool. And I went 4 way sli thanks to my brother who let me have one of his gtx 480's superclocked to go 4 way. So, I am worried about the 4th card overheating.

2. The second question I will be asking nvidia also. Can you do 4 way sli nvidia 3d vision surround right now? Because I can't get the 2nd or 3rd monitor to respond. Or the control panel loses all of it's sli setttings too when I try.

10-04-10, 05:53 PM
got the problem solved, just had to reinstall evga precision and instantly detected my 4th card. got fan control over all cards.

as for 4 way sli and 3d vision surround, it's a no go. Got the answer directly from nvidia. It supports 2 way, 3 way and quad sli (dual gtx 295's for example) but not 4 way. So, I gave my friend one of my 3d monitors and gave the other to my brother. Both have gtx 480's. My brother gave his 27' lcd to my friend in exchange for me buying him a 3d vision kit. As for my friend, he's just using it as a second monitor next to his 27' lcd.