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07-29-03, 05:37 AM
Hi there can anyone help a new guy please.
I have installed the above card and need to know how to set it up to capture video. The card did not come with a manuel and the Pine web site does not have on either. Would really appreciate some help as i am stuck and the only reason i bought the card was for video capture.

I was told that there was a software switch which converted svideo from output to input but i cannot find it!!!

thanks in advance for your help,


07-29-03, 12:22 PM
In addition to video drivers, a NVIDIA VIVO card needs WDM drivers installed. Both video and WDM drivers can be found here. http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp

Then you need to have an application for capturing video, for example Windows Movie Maker.

You have been mislead regarding software selection of one connector for input and output. The NVIDIA reference design includes a 9-pin connector to a dongle that has 4 separate connectors.
- S-video input
- S-video output
- RCA input
- RCA output

07-29-03, 05:10 PM
Thanks for the input however the only connector I got with the card is a nine pin to two svideo sockets. Is there another dongle which replaces this one as as it stands it looks like I will need to get the audio some other way.

By the way the svideo skts have arrows on implying they are designed to operate inopposite directions so thats a good sign!!

I have only tested the out one which does put the vga screen on to TV,have not tested the input as I thought I was looking for a s/ware switch.

Do you by any chance know where I can get the pin out for the 9 pin o/p on the card?? as I am a reasonable competent electronics engineer I can make up my own including audio

Thanks in advance for your help,

07-29-03, 05:59 PM
Here's a quick answer regarding output.
1 =
2 =
3 = GND
4 =
5 = GND
6 = Green/Luma
7 =
8 = Red/Chroma
9 = Blue/Composite

Unfortunately I don't have inputs. You probably will get a faster answer doing a continuity test on your cable than waiting for me to find more info :-)

The good news is that with dual S-video connectors including arrows, then you almost certainly can do IO with that cable and the WDM drivers. I was wrong about your two-connnector cable being output only (My cables with two connectors are all SVideo out and RCA out, not IO for SVideo).

07-30-03, 03:30 AM
Thanks again for your help,

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07-30-03, 05:45 AM
here is a diagram for vivo connector.
also for video capturing, you can use "asus digital VCR" that works on all GF4 video cards. get it from here.

with this program you can capture videos to mpeg1 and mpeg2 and avi format. I recommend you first capture videos in avi format then convert them to your favorite format.

07-30-03, 06:37 AM
HI Khafan thanks for your help, will download asus vcr and get my cables made up!!