View Full Version : gtx470 & 6-pin splitter question

10-09-10, 04:24 PM

I just bought a gigabyte gtx470 video card (upgraded from a 8800GTS) and this card requires two 6-pin PCI-E power connections. Now my question is, I have a Silverstone Strider 1000watt powersuppy but I've put its box in storage so I'm unable to get the other wires I didn't plug into the psu (its modular). Here is a picture of the 4 outputs for PCI-E (the blue female molex connections):


Normally each of those 4 outputs can be an 8pin or 6pin but I currently only have 1 of those wires available.

Now is it safe to use a Y-splitter that comes with the video card and only have it running off that one output (I believe my psu is a single 12v rail)? I know if I was running a 3 way SLI setup, I'd have to split it anyways but I just want to check with others on this. Should I be running it off of two normally or does it not matter? I was going to use the Y-Splitter for now, until I can get the other wires and then change it to use two of the four outputs on my psu.

Thanks for any help/comments on this.

10-10-10, 05:54 PM
It should be fine since it uses a single 12v rail .