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10-11-10, 06:46 PM

From Simbin, the guys that do the Race series, looks like a very good concept, I like the idea of the classic races, if they let me race against the late Ayrton Senna then I will be very happy! (Not sure about that being included though tbh) Simbin do a half decent sim so the driving should be good too.

I just got my Beta Key, so I'll post some impressions once I have fired it up.

Sorry if this has been posted, search is broke for me, I just get a blank page.

10-12-10, 09:19 PM
How does this work exactly?
How do they handle for example collisions with GPS cars?

As far as I can gather from the Beta forum, there is still discussion as to the best implementation. It seems they will go for no damage to GPS cars in a live race, but recorded races could have damage on GPS cars, with AI taking over in some capacity if the damage is severe enough to be significantly performance altering, although all damage is disabled in the Beta at the moment. It is still being discussed though, so there could be some other implementation. The big issue is that any simulated contact would mean the GPS cars in game no longer match what is on the real track. So if you took out a GPS car in game that would mean all the other GPS cars would behave erratically, as they would be slowing down and avoiding etc a car that no longer "exists" in the game world, which would look odd from inside that game world.

I've not had a chance to play yet, I will post my impressions once I do, I think the concept is fantastic though.

10-15-10, 02:39 AM
looks terribad

10-18-10, 08:52 AM
it looks great..http://www.free123.net/sig/14/smile.gif