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07-29-02, 04:24 PM
when I play a game such as Flight Simulator 2k2 my computer reboots randomly.... I was reading posts about it before the forums blew up but now I dunno. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

AMD 1ghz Tbird
Windows XP Pro
192MB ram
Asus GF3 Ti200 Deluxe

Also, could anyone recommend some good drivers for this video card.


07-29-02, 04:55 PM
How big is your PSU?

07-29-02, 05:31 PM

07-29-02, 07:07 PM
It can be a heat problem, on the video card especially. The fan that came on my gf3 is apparently dead, I'm gonna get a new cooler

08-03-02, 03:37 AM
any other idea's?

Anytime I play anything that uses the video card.. it takes sometimes 1 second, sometimes 30 minutes but it always reboots itself. Then when I return it says your system has recovered from a serious error. and if I want to submit it. Kinda sucks when all I do is play games :\

08-03-02, 03:02 PM
Im using the 30.30 drivers for my gf3 havent had any probs thus far. Another thing are you using any videocard tweakers like RivaTuner? It does sound abit like the looping problem people have had, I think udating the drivers and using a tweaking tool may help that, I think if it was a heat problem it would just freeze. Also as netviper said, sometimes (alot) a rebooting problem can be the psu, so if you can could try another psu to see if it is the problem or not.


08-03-02, 04:50 PM
If you have a VIA chipset install VIA's 4-in-1 drivers. If that fails go into your BIOS and set your AGP to 2x (you wont get any major downfall because of that) I did that one mine and it worked :)

08-03-02, 07:02 PM
check your memory, change to the 21.83s as i found that to be the most stable of them all. Also uncheck automatically reboot when an error occurs in startup and recovery under system properties.

08-03-02, 07:53 PM
ahh thanks for all the help, will try the idea's out.

08-11-02, 10:31 PM
what brand of psu do you have?

08-14-02, 01:28 PM
Did you overcloak anything ? if so decloak it to defaults :rolleyes:
Yes it also likely its overheating and or your card might be defective :(

Check if you Tbird is cool enough maybe its not your videos foult

08-14-02, 10:22 PM
hmm well, The fan is dead on the video card, do you think it would be heat now?

BTW, is it easy to remove the fan and/or heatsinks to install another? a better one perhaps..

08-14-02, 11:07 PM
yes for both q's

08-15-02, 01:00 AM
maybe I'll try a new fan then, but gotta wait a whole week from today (thursday) before I "MIGHT" have any extra money.