View Full Version : Valve considering game trade-ins

10-16-10, 12:49 AM

Could this be Valves one of 3 big surprises? Maybe THIS is the reason for the Steam wallet to exist.

10-16-10, 12:53 AM
Why don't they allow users to sell their games to other Steam users and take a percentage for themselves and the developer? They'd make a lot of money off second-hand sales that way as well and the developer would be happy as well.

I mean, a person looking for deals probably wouldn't pay full retail anyways.

I don't understand how a trade-in system would work. Maybe Steam would take the license and transfer it to another person at full price without getting another from the dev? :confused:

But surely the dev wouldn't agree to that.

10-16-10, 01:25 AM
It's not Valve, it was just a rumor.

10-16-10, 01:34 AM
From the Steam Forum Thread

Update: Valve's Doug Lombardi tells Big Download of Pachter's statements, "Untrue. We've never actually met with Mr. Pachter."


10-17-10, 05:22 PM
It'd be nice... I have a TON of steam games I never play and probably never will... a lot are from the big game packs that I bought just to play 1 or maybe 2 games in the pack of like 10 or more games.. the Eidos pack was enormous and I bought it just for 2 games haha.


10-18-10, 10:40 AM
even if it were true. not exactly a "surprise" more like woopdie ****ing do!