View Full Version : Are there any 26"-37" LCDs that work with NVIDIA 3D?

10-16-10, 04:11 PM
Title says it all. I'd like to learn more about this, especially with regards to my preferred screen sizes.

10-16-10, 05:03 PM
There will be soon enough. I'm waiting for a 27" version myself.


10-16-10, 05:04 PM
Do you mean directly or via 3DTV Play?

What's 3DTV Play? I'll google it myself, but maybe some others here might like to know as well.


As a key benefit for NVIDIAŽ 3D Vision™ PC owners, you can connect your 3D PC to a 3D TV for a high-definition, big-screen, 3D entertainment experience. NVIDIA 3DTV Play Software, included free with all 3D Vision PCs, powers the 3D PC experience when using a 3D TV and compatible 3D TV manufacturer’s glasses. Experience all of the same great 3D Vision PC content on your big-screen 3D TV!

If you are not 3D Vision PC owner:
NVIDIA 3DTV Play Software can be purchased as an upgrade to your NVIDIAŽ GeForceŽ GPU-powered PC or notebook. If your only 3D display is a 3D TV, this is a great option to start your 3D PC experience today.

I'm going down to one PC pretty soon, and it will still be the media/gaming setup with the primary display being the largest I can get (which isn't large, 24" even works due to small living room dimensions but I'd rather have over 30") ... there's a possibility I might be driving a second display, but doubt it... I'll be putting together some sort of desk/home entertainment center hybrid, to save space and eliminate clutter.

10-17-10, 06:46 PM
Imma play crysis 2 on a 27" 3d LCD...is gonna be amazing guys. Jump right in. I sure hope nvidia comes up with a card that is faster than gtx 480 any time soon cuz i can't wait and nor does my wallet. I dont wanna be having to get two 480's to get the performance am looking for. Since i will be running 3D crysis will be even more heavily driven. Am also gonna use Supersampling so that's not gonna help the framerates either! :D

When AMD releases their 6990 dual-GPU monster nVidia BETTER have come up with something, C2 is released next year so noone and nothing can wait.

10-18-10, 04:05 PM
Slawter, i've tried a 3d monitor with nvidia vision and the effects was good and the picture was clearly ok.

There is a third way of getting 3d. And that's by using display-glasses such as the vuzix 920. The fov is the only thing suffering here with a fov at around 40. But other than that it should be good.

10-23-10, 01:58 AM
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What the heck is that supposed to mean??

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