View Full Version : Is my CPU too little for GTX460?

10-17-10, 07:56 PM
So, looking around the forums & the net; I get the impression that maybe my CPU is holding back my 460. I "upgraded" from a GTX 260 216 and without changing the settings in games (like all medium for BFBC2), it seems to be performing about the same if not actually a little worse.

My specs -
E8300 2.5GHZ stock
4GB DDR2 800
8800GT ( for physx)
300Gb Velociraptor
850w Corsair PWR
W7 64bit

Everything is running stock and when I had the same setup above with the GTX260 & an E8400 dual core, games -specifically BFBC2, just seem to run smoother.

I thought that getting the E8300 quad and the GTX460 would be a good temporary upgrade until I build a new system next spring, but now I'm thinking I should have just stuck with the E8400/GTX260.

Does anyone think it would it be worth the trouble to get a Q9650 until i build a newer system next year?

*Note, overclocking this setup doesn't work -apparently these GSKILL memory sticks don't like to run anything over DDR2 800;other than that they are stable.

10-17-10, 08:27 PM
You could likely run that at 3.6Ghz or higher, in which case I think it'd work okay with a GTX460. Might choke the GPU a bit... but not by a massive amount. :)

If you cannot or absolutely will not oc the CPU... then yeah, look to upgrade. :)

10-18-10, 01:12 AM
Thanks for taking a look Redeemed, and I miss spoke earlier on my specs -I went from an E8400 to a Q8300.

I tried overclocking before on this board, but I don't know if it's the memory or the board, but the best i could get was 2.8 before it would start crashing even in windows.

Ah well, I'll just wait to next spring when I'll either go with a bulldozer or sandy bridge setup.

10-18-10, 06:18 AM
Thanks for taking a look Redeemed, and I miss spoke earlier on my specs -I went from an E8400 to a Q8300.

In order for it to make a noticeable speed difference in BC2, you really needed to upgrade to a quad core CPU that was the same speed or slightly faster than the E8400. All you did was step to the side; you added 2 cores, but you lost 500mhz in clock speed.

I think your processor may be the culrpit. A small overclock to 3Ghz would be enough to alleviate that bottleneck.

10-18-10, 06:35 PM
Can't you set the memory to run at a async like 5:4 2:6 and run the cpu higher to get at least 3gig out of it ,I am sure you will need to increase the voltage of the CPU to get it higher ,but I seen then run as high as 3.5gigs.That sure would help a GTX 460 to run better.

10-19-10, 07:20 PM
You know Madpistol that's makes sense; I figured at the time however that being a quad would negate that speed difference, but it didn't.

I put my E8400 back in, and even at stock 3GHZ I went from an average of 35fps to 42 fps with the same settings. Roughly a 20% improvement. I seriously would not have thought that 500mhz and 2MB's more of l2 cache would make that big of a difference, but -live and learn.

Now I'm thinking that a nice i7-860 or maybe an i5-760 would be a nice bump; I'm trying to wait till next spring, but the tech bug is biting pretty hard :D

10-20-10, 11:50 AM
I got a Q8300 as well with the intent of oc to 3.0 ghz but with my mobo its practically impossible. If I oc by 1mhz it won't post. Have to do all kinds of tweaks to get it to boot at 2.75ghz. BFBC2 loves quads and high clocks.