View Full Version : Is this MikeC's 2x Intel Xeon X5680's/SR2/Quad 480 rig?

10-17-10, 09:09 PM

Kinda sounds like him... :p


10-17-10, 09:46 PM
He had me at See Pee EWE !!! :bleh:

10-17-10, 10:26 PM
That is a crazy nice build though, isn't it? I tend to think that what I'm building is gonna be fast, but hell, my upcoming huge monster has nothing on this.

bob saget
10-17-10, 11:12 PM
yea that's a monster rig. why not have several 5970s...?

10-18-10, 03:19 AM
It's .... not what I'd buy

I really think the external WC is messy, I hate the look of stuff being strapped onto the side, which granted with that hardware, there's absolutely no room for internal watercooling... but it just feels kind of hokey

I plan on doing a similar build when I graduate and get a job. I think I may limit it to 3 cards though since I really don't think quad-sli has many advantages

10-18-10, 03:26 AM
I'd also do dual w/c loops for the cards and cpu seperately.... with the NB watercooled as well

On top of that, just plain black fans on the radiators, and rely only on CCFL or LED lighting which can be turned on and off. That way you have a true dark mode. I'd also probably set up a switch just like I have on mine currently to kill all case fans, with watercooling though that means I'd probably be running 1 fan on a 3x120 rad, and another single fan on a 3x120 rad when "all" the fans are off. But in contrast when things are on you'd have a fully lit, full airflow setup.

It's an amazing rig... I just really don't think I'd do it the same, there's much to be improved on as far as a "clean" build (no external w/c), and quiet (when needed, watching dvds, etc)