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10-19-10, 07:02 PM
Got Fifa 11, and like always it's a dumbed down version of the PS3 and XBOX versions. :(
I got it on PC, because of the ability to download new teams, and new mods that people create, but I made the wrong choice, PS3 version was the way to go. :(

Added the Arena
Players/Stadiums improved
Better Graphics
Virtual Pro is awesome!

Dumbed down, because:
No be a Goalkeeper
No training
Less Virtual Pro accomplishments
Stutters at random moments in the game*
No Personality Plus
or anything like that..

I don't really see what they means by next generation gameplay. It feels the same, but terrible. :(
I got my hopes up for no reason.

* It's not my PC, when I have the settings to high, it stutters less than when I have them at very low. And it happens at the most random times. Fraps says I have like 99 FPS, but it stutters terribly, I don't know why I still deal with it.. :(

Anyone else have it?

10-19-10, 08:11 PM
I was thinking about getting it. I was already leaning toward PS3, so this just solidifies that...Thanks!