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10-22-10, 02:45 PM
Today, MSI announced the newest of their acclaimed Twin FROZR Geforce GTX 400 lineup, the N480GTX Lightning, clocked at 750/4000.


Using a new technology they call "Power4", MSI has reportedly increased overclockability:

"... the N480GTX Lightning features the industry-first Power4 Architecture to enhance the relevant design and material of four types of power supply. These include 16 Phase PWM design to provide three times more electricity for the GPU; the next-gen capacitor, Proadlizer, to significantly enhance signal stability; the industry-best MOSEFT, CopperMOS, to supply sufficient and stable power to the GPU and memory; and the uniquely designed 6-pin power connector to provide the purest power for memory. For either general users or extreme OC users, all these bring a more stable operating environment... "

Coupled with MSI's Twin FROZR III cooling solution, 8mm heatpipes, 9cm fans, V-switch and V-check points for voltage monitoring and adjustment, DualBIOS and XtremeCool technologies, Independent Memory Power, 16-phase PWM, PWM Clock Tuner, and high-end capacitor and choke technologies, the MSI N480GTX Lightning appears to be quite capable of high-performance gaming and benchmarking. For what it's worth, an LN2-cooled N480GTX Lightning recently broke the world record for single-GPU 3DMark Vantage with a score of P39281.

For more information, view MSI's press release HERE (http://us.msi.com/vga_mb_pr/vga_20101021_n480.html).
Product info HERE (http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=proddesc&prod_no=2162&maincat_no=130).