View Full Version : 7200 RPM Hybrid Solid State Drives

10-27-10, 11:37 AM
Anyone heard of these? Apparently Seagate is making them, not sure if any other manufacturers are yet. They boast 4GB of solid state SLC NAND flash storage and claim they have 80% higher performance than a traditional 7200 rpm drive. I'm sure they can't compete with true SSDs, but they have higher capacity and are priced much lower. What do you all think?

10-27-10, 12:22 PM
The drives are interesting but I refuse to buy seagate

10-27-10, 12:29 PM
There was a thread about them some time back. The price/performance is unbeatable going from the reviews in that older thread.

Didn't realise that these were available for purchase yet. I've got two SSDs already, but I'd likely replace my HDDs with hybrid drives simply cause of the performance boost. :)

10-27-10, 05:59 PM
7200rpm SSD FTW!!!!!!