View Full Version : AMD X4 970BE 3.5Ghz CPU

10-29-10, 08:47 AM
AMD seems to be ramping up the clock speeds with their new CPU.


Very interesting to see a 3.5ghz part come out. Only $180 for quad core goodness.

10-29-10, 09:06 AM
That just seems too pricey for a chip that has compatriots that can unlock and get to that speed reliably for up to half as much. Best current example: the x3 740 BE, or the x4 940 Black @ around $96.

... and maybe the fact that I got an x3 425 for $70 and an x6 1055t for $150 has something to do with my feelings on this. :p

10-29-10, 09:15 AM
Well I wouldn't guarentee the X3 to make the jump to X4. Buying a triple core with the assumption it will unlock is not a good thing. But I can see the point of the X4 BE though.

The main thing is that if you bought one of these you know it will run @ 3.5ghz with 4 cores, and can possibly go over 4GHZ.

Looking at Newegg you got a pretty good deal on the X6 as well, showing $200 right now. Grats on that. :)