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10-29-10, 01:37 PM
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(please note that i only ship to the US)

Dell 3007wfp 30 inch monitor. About 4 years old. The is the original model of this 30" monitor. I had previously listed this monitor for sale and another person suggested i use a program to test for dead pixels called dead pixel buddy. When cycling through all the colors there a no dead pixels except for when you use an all black screen. When the screen is all black there are a lot of pixels that are not black, they are bright. I never noticed this before with my general use of the monitor so i don't know if they were there from the start or not. You have to be pretty close to the screen to see them. Also when it is all black there are 4 areas on the very left edge of the screen where there are a group of bright pixels. Again, i didn't notice this before. Also when the screen is all black there is light bleeding around the edges which i did see before. That is my most accurate description i can give. Comes with original box. $679 obo. Local west LA pickup.

MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15" late 2008 unibody:
I have a very good condition Macbook Pro 15 inch from late 2008. It is very clean. It has never left home and has always been stored in a pelican hard case (the case is not included). It is the model with a core 2 duo at 2.4 ghz.
It is the unibody style. I upgraded the memory to 4 gb. I also installed an sd card reader into the card slot.
I don't remember if it came with a remote, but if it did i can't find it.
The battery health is 90%. It has had 130 cycles. Original battery capacity 4600mAh, current capacity is 4131mAh
I want to sell it without the hard drive. I'm too paranoid to give the hard drive to anyone. So the buyer would have to add their own hard drive and install the os. I will include the original box, disks, charger.
There is a year left of a squaretrade warranty that covers the mechanicals as well as accidental damage.
$1200 shipped fedex ground. OBO.

HP Mediasmart EX495. This is the top of the line HP mediasmart server system. I purchased it last november and now i need to sell it. It will come with one brand new 2gig western digital green hard drive that is blank. You will need to install the operating system. All the original discs are included to do this. It comes in the original box. I am keeping the original 1.5gig hard drive. There is an occasional ticking from one of the fans. I haven't heard it in the last 2 months but it can start up again. It's a great home server system. $475 obo. SOLD

Powermat Receiver Universal Powercube. Comes with the iphone/ipod tip only. $25 shipped obo.

Xpal iphone charger/case. Model AP1200. Used great shape. Comes in original box. 19.99 shipped obo.

Peachtree First Accounting 2010. Open box, unused. $20 shipped obo.

Warren Buffet 8 cd audiobook. The Snowball. $20 shipped obo.

Casio fx-7000G Scientific calculator. Needs batteries. Comes with protective sleeve. Has initials on back of the case. $25 shipped obo.

Dell Axim X50 wall charger. This is a generic charger for the Dell Axim X50v. $12 shipped obo.

Griffin Technology iPhone 2G headphone adapter. This is so you can use a regular headphone in the 2g iphone that has the recessed headphone jack. $5 shipped obo.

Samsung 2 x 512mb (2 512megabyte sticks, 1 gig total, each stick with half a gig) sodimm laptop memory. DDR2 PC2-5300. Came together in one laptop. $15 shipped obo.

Promos 2 x 512mb (2 512megabyte sticks, 1 git total, each stick with half a gig) sodimm laptop memory. DDR2 PC2-5300, 667 MHz. Came together in one laptop. $15 shipped obo.

Prey pc game. $14 shipped obo. no box.

Supreme Commander. $15 shipped obo. no box.

Fear and fear extraction point for PC. $18 shipped obo. No box.

Quicken Willmaker Plus 2007 Software. Comes with the cd in the case. The case is cracked on the top. CD is fine. $15 obo shipped.

Dark Messiah Might and Magic PC game on DVD. DVD only. Registered through steam but can be used again for single player mode as long as you don't link it to steam. $10.

Laplink PCmover. Moves your program files and settings to a new computer. Includes the Laplink USB cable. $9 shipped obo.

I have a Vintage 3Dfx Interactive/Monster 3D/Diamond Multimedia Poster. Diamond multimedia made the original 3Dfx Monster 3D card back in the 90's and this is an original poster that I obtained from Diamond way back then. It's in excellent condition. $75 shipped OBO.


Linksys LNE100tx version 4 Lan card. $10 shipped.
Sonic MyDVD cdrom version 4.0 sealed cd. CD only. $8 shipped.

Paypal preferred. I usually ship within 1-2 days of receiving payment. For paypal you must be verified and have a confirmed shipping address

Email me with questions or offers. Make me an offer, i'm flexible. I prefer to only ship to the US, but may make exceptions. Thank you.


I'm looking for:

HP ink cartridges cheap

Gap or Gap Kids gift certificates
Amazon.com stackable gift certificates
AT&T/ Cingular gift card/certificate
Trader Joe's gift cards.