View Full Version : Installing SSD HD ,Windows 7 Ulti ,On A8N SLI Premium.

10-30-10, 05:34 PM
Hey folk,s ,
First time posting here but here is the deal . My hard drive crashed after five years and being full (it did it"s time) . I was running it with Windows XP Pro at 32 bits. Well it is a 64 bit system and what a perfect time to upgrade. I want to put Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit system with a 128 gig SSD hard drive as main drive I have three other Sata hard drives that are fine I want to use SSD for OS only.
Here is the question of the day: What do I need to do to install this SSD hard drive with windows 7 on it?

Here is some of my system info;

Asus a8n SLI Premium (Old bios installed not sure of version)
2 gig of pc3200 ram
1 Geforce 7800 gs SLI vid card (one burnt out) Both slots still work.
SLI 500 watt PS
AMD 939 slot 4800+
A couple different hard drives 150 gig WD,300 Maxtor,500 wd ALL SATA
The hard drive that failed was one with OS on it.
System was never over clocked and all windows updates were done along with Nvidia Vid card driver updates.

One of the only reasons I am asking is because I heard some people having problem's installing SSD on the A8N SLI Premium motherboard. I just want a jump on that with the correct way to proceed .

10-31-10, 07:28 PM
Wow 107 views but no Ideas that is not a good thing for my upgrade...:( :thumbdwn:

10-31-10, 07:52 PM
Well, first I'd make sure the absolute latest BIOS is installed.

Secondly, you're wanting to run a 64-bit OS with only 2GB of RAM? I know that board will only hold 4GB, but if you can afford a 128GB SSD, then CERTAINLY you can afford an additional 2GB of RAM. If not, then drop the SSD down to 64 GB. That alone will give you plenty of extra cash to buy an additional 2GB of RAM. Heck, you may be able to find a full 4GB with that money saved. :lol:

After you've done that, in the BIOS if it supports AHCI, make sure it's on. Then boot from the Windows 7 x64 DVD and proceed to install it to your SSD. By default 7 should detect that it's on an SSD and therefore disable any services that might harm the SSD.

If it doesn't, make sure Indexing, at least on the SSD, is disabled. Disabled defragging, disable superfetch/readyboost, and NO PAGE FILE. At least not on the SSD.

That should, for the most part, get you squared away. :)

11-04-10, 12:25 AM
Good point on the RAM, especially if you plan on gaming. If you're only gonna be running general web-browsing, email, word, etc then you could get away with it. Win7 x64 will take about 1GB on its own on a fresh install. Disable Aero with do some service tweaks and you could easily get it down to 700-800 MB usage.

Another thing, I would recommend using the Sil SATA controller and not the nForce4, its more stable.