View Full Version : ZTE Racer

10-31-10, 03:37 PM
The lens on my W810i broke forcing me to enter the 21st century but **** paying silly money for a wifi phone, I only use one to receive calls and play simple games anyway I've had psp's before and don't care much for mobile gaming beyond breakout games.

So I got this ZTE (who?) Racer as an early b-day present, So far its all fine but the cameras a POS for low light and has no flash.

I haven't had a chance to test the gaming ,Its a 600mhz cpu I think so should be reasonable, As long as it can do C64 stuff I'll be fine :)

Battery life is barely a day if you watch a 120 minute video

You cant get any parts for this phone from eBay like a hands free let alone components, Its like buying a cheap Russian car if you don't live in europe.