View Full Version : Idea for awesome Eyefinity setup!

11-06-10, 10:36 PM
I just found this on Dell's website:

Dell Ultrasharp U2211H IPS LCD (http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/Displays/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&cs=19&sku=320-9271&baynote_bnrank=0&baynote_irrank=1&~ck=dellSearch)

From their site, that model is $250. From other sources, it can go down to $230 or lower. The selling point on this thing is that it has both DVI and DisplayPort connections, is 1080p, and it's an IPS panel for $250!!! :D

I'm seriously thinking about ordering 3 of these as a christmas present to myself. I've always wanted an IPS panel, and now the thought of having 3 of them in Eyefinity is driving me nuts!!!

Am I crazy for wanting to do this? :headexplode:

11-06-10, 11:31 PM
Hell no, you're not crazy. It sounds like an awesome idea. Go for it, i'd love to hear your thoughts and impressions. I'm not sure if one 5870 will be enough for some of the latest games though at that resolution. But it would be pretty damn sweet.

11-07-10, 05:13 AM
I was going to get a 24" (or larger) screen as a Christmas present to myself this year, but this is a heck of a deal...maybe 2 of these instead.

Heh, no, you're not crazy - this looks sweet.

11-07-10, 08:31 AM
It's not S-IPS right?
Great deal though and still better than the TN crap, that's for sure!

Their specs don't give the type of IPS, but aren't there only 2 actual IPS techs right now...H and S?

11-07-10, 12:20 PM
There's also E-IPS, which this screen uses AFAIK. It's the cheapest to produce but not as good as S-IPS.

Gotcha, thanks.

I think any IPS would be a drastic improvement over my 2 year old Samsung TN :lol:

I might still grab one or two of these. The price is right.