View Full Version : TI4800 (chaintech) core voltage???

Weed Killer
07-30-03, 05:44 PM
HI there all. I surely hope that you can help me.

I have a 128 Chaintech TI4800SE which gives me some slight visual artifacts (very little lines) when playing 3D games. It is not tearing nor is it artefact due to bad ram. I have the latest certfied drivers. In fact, it looks like the picture is "flickering", specially when I look at a light colour background such as the sky in MOHAA or BF1942. This happens at any resolution, at any refresch rate.

I actually returned the card once for another due to this problem. The second one does the same thing. I am running on a Gygabyte 7DXR MOBO, with 724-ish (?) PC2100 ram and 300 PSU. The case is well aired and an extra fan is pointing towards the card. Nothing is overclocked either.

I noticed that the flickering is less pronounced when I increase the AGP voltage on the mobo from 1.5 (default) to 1.6. I am afraid of trying 1.7. BTW would this be a problem (i.e. increasing to 1.7v)

Hence the question: does anyone know the AGP voltage I should use? Also any problems caused by increasing this voltage? Alternatively, what can I do to diminished this flickering?

Thanks so much for your help.:mad:

Weed Killer
07-31-03, 07:00 PM
I found out the problem. It was someone a conflict between my SOund Blaster live and the Card. I moved the SB live card to another slot and the image problem were gone. I read that there is a conflict between SB live and Nvidia Card at times...