View Full Version : How to RMA Gigabyte GFX card?

11-13-10, 09:15 AM
So first my RAM dies, and now it appears that one of my GTX 470s just kicked the bucket. I'm going to RMA it, but I went on the Gigabyte site, and their RMA form appears to apply only to motherboards. Under the warranty tab, it just says "contact dealer", even though on the site Gigabyte says their cards have a 3 yr warranty.


11-13-10, 09:20 AM

There you go. I just went through this with my gigabyte GTX 470. I'm telling you right now, kill the card before you send it to them. Short it out and be done with it. I tried to be the nice guy and got royally screwed by gigabyte.

Also don't expect any communication from them unless you e-mail them yourself. Some terrible customer service.