View Full Version : ram on the ti500 overheating?

07-31-03, 09:48 AM
Get this, I had the ram at 610MHz, no volt mods of course, not a single artifact but 3dmark soon locks up and the ramsinks are too hot to touch! The core shows white dots at 270+ however. I had it at 260/570 so far and the ramsinks are still very hot! I have a big fan blowing on the gpu though. I am going to try underclock the core below 200MHz and clock the ram to 600MHz and see if this helps. update: clocking the core to 199MHz and the ram to 600MHz and running nature resulted in a lockup within 3 seconds, but I saw not a single artifact and the heatsinks didnt have time to get blistering hot. has anyone experenced ram lockups without artifacts?

07-31-03, 10:26 PM
my gf3 ti500 ram is not much acitve cooled as i watercool the GPU and CPU, but ram usually are rated for 70c operateion or above. I think my ram got 74c once but dont quit me on that.

08-01-03, 06:36 AM
GamblerFEXonlin: how u measurin temps?

and Geforceti4200: your ti500's a reference design, right? I just got a ti500 a week or so ago (the ref. design ti200's I had didn't OC good enuff, neither did the regular GF3 even with a volt mod...)

I'm gonna have to try my ram @ those speeds... after I re-do the ram sinkage...

as for which lokup means what... I'm all confused about it... I never can tell, so I always end up backing both core and memory down when I freeze... heh...