View Full Version : Fx5900u messed up?

07-31-03, 02:14 PM
Well, got this BFG geforcefx5900u online a few weeks ago. Everything was running fine since then, but yesterday all my PC games started crashing to the desktop or crashing windowsXp all together after a few minutes of gameplay. From a blue screen no less too. The only thing I've been doing was uninstalling and reinstalling detonator drivers. I also updated to the newest Nforce2 chipset drivers. This is happening even when the card isn't overclocked. I do have good cooling in my computer case too.

Is my Fx5900u broken? If it is, then luckily BFG has a lifetime warranty on it so I can get a new one. Also, when starting Midnight Club 2 PC, I get a few small weird green artifacts on the opening "rockstar" title movie. This all seems to be symptoms of Overclocking, but my card isn't overclocked. I've also tried different drivers and used the detonator destroyer programs to make a clean install of drivers. Still same problem. Anyone have any suggestions? Or know if my card is fuxured? Thanks.

Maybe a Reinstall of Windows Xp is warranted. This also happens when I don't overclock my cpu or FSB too.

07-31-03, 03:35 PM
I don't know much about the nForce driver upgrades, but that looks a lot like a problem I had a while back with my Via 4 in 1's. It had to do with a conflict with the AGP driver in the particular version I was looking at.

Any AGP driver updates in the most recent install of those nForce 2 drivers? If so, you might try uninstalling and installing another version.

07-31-03, 08:50 PM
what DenverBuc said .
the AGP drivers may cause a big troubles if not installed correctly or had conflict issues.

otherwise try reinstalling the windows as a last option.