View Full Version : Looking for a game.

11-24-10, 12:39 PM
Ok i dont have much to go by here but ill do my best lol.

Ok last June i went to our yearly squad bbq .. At that bbq somebody had game on there sytem that was a mixture of like dead space, bioshock & timeshift.

It was a FPS and a pretty good game.

Anybody got any suggestions/ideas as to what it could be?

Please help ... It been bugging me and my mate for two days. :|

11-24-10, 12:40 PM
wolf quest.

11-24-10, 12:52 PM
Could be Singularity by raven, guys who made wolfenstein

11-24-10, 01:13 PM
Could be Singularity

Dude your a legend man. Thats exactly it! .... I own you a beer. :D

It been on my mind for 2 days lol.