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07-31-03, 03:03 PM
I'm going to be purchasing an Athlon XP 2500+, an Abit NF7-S, and 1 GB of Corsair TwinX PC3200. I'm very happy with that configuration and am ready to buy it.

But I don't know what HSF to buy to cool the CPU. Any ideas/suggestions? I'd like something that would keep the temps down around 32 degrees C under load but doesn't sound like I'm in a wind tunnel (no Deltas!). If I can get something that's down near 21-25 dBa, then I'll be happy.


The Baron
07-31-03, 04:17 PM

If you mean as reported by the NF7-S, which is socket temp, not die temp, in theory you could get an SLK900U or Zalman El Gigante cooler with some low-speed fan (my Sunon fan is barely audible when I just have my PSU on).

Now, if you mean die temp, say hello to my good friend the Vantec Tornado.

07-31-03, 05:29 PM
I think you are looking for the Zalman CNPS7000- AlCu or Cu... I have one of them and the damn thing is silent as ****, even on its highest speed setting! I love it! Dropped temps by almost 10 degrees by using this isntead of an Alpha PAL 8942 with a low speed panaflo fan.

07-31-03, 07:06 PM
Isnt there something called a Vantec Airflow or something thats best for performance/noise ratio?

08-01-03, 01:44 PM
Yes- Vantec Aeroflow is very nice. Mine works very well on a hot XP 1800+ pally. Great combo of noise v performance. I'd highly reccomend it.

Also- I see that this just came out. ThermalRight SLK-900A. I'd get that over the U.

The Baron
08-01-03, 01:50 PM
Also- I see that this just came out. ThermalRight SLK-900A. I'd get that over the U.
Only difference is that it has clips.

And I HATE clips.

08-02-03, 01:16 PM
^^^ Screws can make you feel more secure ;) even thought it still slides around for a bit on my P4.

08-14-03, 01:22 AM
This thing kick's major ass with Intel CPU's and does just as well with the version for AMD CPU's. On an Intel CPU 533FSB, I have a few buds that have actually proven to me how well it cools by disabling their fan on it. CPU temp went up 10c!!! That is what sold me, although I wouldn't reccomend doing that with a AMD CPU. Leave the fan on and running. :D

As far as noisy fans, take a 90mm fan and mount it on there. Run at lower than max speed and get just as well cooling as a smaller fan running at high speed minus the noise. The noise is caused by the fan blade tips, the faster they move... the more noise. Get an adapter and mount a 120mm on it and run at half the speed for more than adequate air cooling. I have 2 Y.S. Tech fans that push 133cfm @ 2300 rpm. Half that speed should be have the amount of air moving which is more than most 80mm fans at half the noise levels.

Click image for more details:

http://www.ocaddiction.com/reviews/cooling/swiftech_roundup/mcx462plus.jpg (http://www.ocaddiction.com/reviews/cooling/swiftech_roundup/pg3.shtml)