View Full Version : Barton on a KT7A, will it work?

07-31-03, 03:10 PM
I'm due to start purchasing some upgrades. Namely, mobo, ram, and cpu.

I'll be doing this over the coming months to spread the cost. (Life is expensive at the mo), and I was wondering if I could get the cpu 1st (Barton 2500+), would I be able to use it in my existing Abit KT7A via chipset, SDRAM (PC133) mobo?

The sockets the same obviously, and I have a relatively modern BIOS in it. Just it would be nice to get use of the cpu, while I wait for funds for the mobo/ram.


07-31-03, 07:09 PM
Im not 100% sure, apart from the bus speed, do Bartons support SDR? I thought that they only ran on DDR systems, even if the FSB was less than 166??

I would take a guess and say NO to SDR systems running a Barton chip.

07-31-03, 08:24 PM
I bet it would work. You could probably even just crank up the multiplier on the barton to make up for the slower bus speed.

It's still going to be slower than DDR with a higher bus speed, but you plan on upgrading that stuff eventually anyway, right?

The Baron
07-31-03, 08:26 PM
Let me warn you in advance.

Bending Barton pins is scary.

Don't know why that came up, but I had to bend 3 tonight (don't know why, or how they got bent, but I had to do it so I could get the damn thing in).

08-01-03, 04:44 AM
Yeah, I'll be getting a new mobo, and ram as soon as I get the funds. but if I get the mobo 1st, I cant do out till I get the ram, if I get the ram 1st, I cant do out without the mobo, but if I get the cpu 1st, I might be able to use it while I wait for the other bits n bobs.

I think I might have to underclock it, was looking at bios's last night, and I think they only support uptp 1.4 GHZ.

08-01-03, 04:53 AM
You properly can use it but your computer will pick it up as something like AMD G Series Processor.

08-01-03, 05:44 AM
Okay. I'll give it a whirl. Prolly be picking one up tomorrow or something. I'll let ya know how I get on. :)

08-01-03, 01:02 PM
K, just bought my Barton 2500 :), and I've just updated my mobo bios. I shall be performing the operation in the next few mins. Fingers crossed :)

08-01-03, 02:07 PM
Right, after lots of non-posts, I got it running at 11x100. Which aint great. But it works at this. I then turned the FSB back to 133, which game 11x133 = 1463. Which although slightly underclocked for the cpu, is considerably more than what I got at the mo.

Thing is, I can get to windows, but then my PC just freezes. I tried 11x120, and it got further, tried to do a Sandra memory test, and it hung again.

Any ideas what might be causing this. I know its not heat, I'm running 39 degrees at the mo. The cpu isn't at its limits, as its very underclocked. The only thing I can think of, is voltages, and mobo stability with this cpu.

current voltages are set to core 1.675, io 3.3.

I'll keep fiddling seeing if I can find whats causing it.

08-01-03, 03:32 PM
Are you using the latest bios? version A9 dated 2002-07-11


That's the latest one I see. I don't have your particular board, there may be a modified bios our there for it. Check around.

What is the lowest voltage your board supports? You could try under volting it, just to check the effect.

What are your memory timings? I'd also play with those. I have one board that's flaky at the loosest settings and "oddly enough" only becomes stable when I tighten the settings.

What is the highest multiplier your board supports, btw?

08-01-03, 03:44 PM
I think I've cracked it. Not litterally!! :D

Yes I installed the A9 bios, earlier.

I did a quick search on "barton on kt7a", and found a site saying, these early boards didn't implement FSB133 properly. Ya see it worked fine at FSB 100.

I was running the multiplier at "Above1200", which is the higest my board supports. And FSB 100, with DRAM set to HOSTCLOCK+PCI. which equated all to cpu=1250, FSB=100, RAM=133 Async. This was still faster than my previous setup, but having FSB at 100, gee, well sucks!!

At the bottom of my bios screen, there was this cpu driving force, and it was bugging me that it was set to auto, so I set to manual and upped it to 2. Tried 12x133, and it hung in windows again. Upped it to 3, and it seems stable!! Ran 3dmark2001SE, and it ran fine, no problems. Over 10,000 marks btw. (Still SDRAM y'know)

Dont know the actual memory timings, this board doesn't show any of that. Running CAS2, with 4 way interleaved mode, like I was before.

Settings now are
CPU = 1666, 12.5x133.
FSB = 133
RAM = 133.
Core = 1.675 in BIOS / 1.68 in VIA HW
IO = 3.3 in BIOS / 3.35 in VIA HW

So far, its stable. And alot cooler than my Thunderbird was at 1.2 :)

Time to try some games, and see if it keeps going.

08-01-03, 05:33 PM
Played some CS, and DOD, even tried the dawn demo, which runs now in emulation mode. Rebooted, and lowered the voltage a tad more, and it booted fine. Jobs a good'un! :thumbsup:

Next month, I'll be getting the Abit NF7-S revision 2 board, then some Corsair XMS 3200 Low latency cas 2 512MB stick. And another to follow it later. By then nv38 will be here, with nv40 looming so Ill save for one of them in time for doom3. :)

Target speed, 2Ghz (200x10) Hopefully more.

Sig updated.

08-02-03, 12:15 AM
You should run some benchmarks using this mobo and ram, then when you get your nf2 and ddr compare the 2, I'd also try some with the cpu clock speed as close to your present settings as possible.

Sounds like an interesting comparison. I've never seen any barton benches on sdr... I wonder if the extra cache will make more of a diff with the slower mem...

What was your 3dmark scores with the cpu u just replaced?

08-02-03, 03:50 AM
I am somewhat surpried it even works lol.

08-02-03, 05:41 AM
With my previous cpu in 3dmark2001SE, I got around 8,000 Now getting around 10,000.

I'm quite chuffed that Output Driving strength feature got it working. Boots up perfect everytime now. Abit rock! :)

Quite surprised the different multipliers work too. Did AMD unlock the multiplier on all bartons? Did they just give up trying to stop ppl? I noticed the L1 bridges on the Barton dont have the laser lock holes on Thoroughbred XP's. Unless I wasn't looking hard enough.

If only Abit released a new bios, with some higher multipliers, I could probably reach the intended speed of this cpu. Currently its as fast as the mobo will allow, unless I inc the FSB, but my memory wont take it.

08-02-03, 01:09 PM
All I can say is good to see its working for you Nutty :) at least it should tie you over until the full upgrade ;)