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11-27-10, 05:13 PM
Get 3 free songs at amazon. The link is basically $3, and each song is $.99 So 3 songs.

Go to this link:


And type in: GET3MP3S

You're going to have to type it in twice. The first time it refreshes the page or something, and the 2nd time it actually puts in $3

bob saget
11-27-10, 05:24 PM
Forward this to your soccer coach, and he will definitely make you a captain :p :p

11-27-10, 05:50 PM
Soccer is over already, and has been for a month. I lettered :)

11-28-10, 09:32 AM
F yes!!!

I love to get these codes.


Arythma - Changing
Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime around midnight
Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company

Probably end up getting a few more while I'm at it too. :D

Ashes of Soma - Bedroom Walls (The actual track sounds much better than the preview)
Zebrahead - Falling Apart

11-28-10, 01:13 PM
Thank you for the heads up Albo :thumbsup:

howard stern
11-28-10, 05:23 PM

11-30-10, 08:45 AM
damnit i completly forgot about this. i was going to down bad compony too.