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12-10-10, 09:57 AM
Much like the problems that AK Zip has been having, my array is also suffering catastrophic failure. I had 2 WD-GP 2TB drives in a RAID 0 array. All of the sudden I noticed that things weren't working correctly, so I decided to investigate. First thing was to backup all of the data. It took a few days as sometimes the copies were as slow as 3MBps with some of the files failing to copy. I do backups of this array to another array, but haven't done one in a while.

The data held on these drives is mainly TV recordings and games. I normally don't keep the tv stuff backed up as it is a considerable amount of data (was around 2TB) and if I lose my rerun copies of Walker Texas Ranger it isn't going to matter. Once all of that was done I broke the array apart and started to test drives using WD's Data lifeguard diagnostic tool. neither of the drives will pass an extended drive test. One of the drives failed the write zero test and I have already RMA'ed it. The other one has me puzzled at the moment. It will pass that test, and actually let me format the drive although it took an entire day to do so. A quick check of HD tach shows that the drive isn't performing the way it should.


This is what it should look like: (Green Power drives still have slow random access)


This one is definitely going back to WD as well as it will likely start failing soon. The bad part about all of this is while the data isn't important, I still should be doing backups more often as it's been a total pain to try to copy files. Where I've always run into the issue is that I use both arrays and will read / write to them, so I manually sync the files by hand. (Some files will be deleted on one array, added new files on the other, etc) There is an awesome program out there to do this for you, and will let you do comparisons of the data and you can easily choose how you want to handle it. The program is called ViseVersa Pro.


What's unique about this software is that you can sync you data using an intermediary device, IE a thumb drive or an external drive. So what I'll be able to do is sync data from server A to the external. Sync the external to server B. Then I can take the external and resync the changes added or deleted from server B to server A. It's an extra step but the computers are in different locations, so I can't simply sync over a network. They use a database to track the changes so it knows what to sync. Haven't tested this function yet but even doing add and remove using the comparison window is very fast. Software is a little costly (going to be $90 because of the server OS) but I did read on their forums they consider 1 person using the software on two computers to be for the same data as one license, so you can install it using the same key on both pcs. The main thing is that once it's setup, doing backups will be very simple so they will get done much more often.

So hopefully anyone reading this will get a kick out of it, as both of my 2TB GPs that are about 1 year old are going to have to be replaced. Drives are in a warm location, but they also have a nice 120mm fan that blows air across them. What's funny is that I'd really have to be using RAID 6 to have made it through this without any issues, as both of the drives seem to be bad. All the more reason to keep that data backed up!