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12-10-10, 02:30 PM
http://www.gamephys.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/bfg_tech_Ageia_physx_card-300x222.gif (http://www.gamephys.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/bfg_tech_Ageia_physx_card.gif)

Andrew Elliott (http://www.youtube.com/user/elliottad) (also known as elliottad or MohawkADE) who recently made a very cool video for the Crank That S#!T Up with PhysX Video contest (http://www.gamephys.com/2010/08/04/crank-that-st-up-with-physx-video/), has now made a new and very impressive video detailing the history of PhysX and the Ageia PhysX(PPU). Half of the video goes over the history of the Ageia PhysX card all the way up until Ageia and PhysX technology was acquired by Nvidia. Elliot then talks about whether or not the Aegia PhysX card is still a good solution if you are looking into a dedicated PhysX card for your system. As we know the answer is no as the Aegia PPU is no longer supported by Nvidia with newer PhysX driver releases. Elliot also covers the fact that the PhysX processing power required for games continues to increase causing laggy gameplay in newer games if a Ageia card is used.

This is a great video if you are not that familiar with Aegia and the PPU that started it all. Check it out below and be sure to check out Elliotâ??s YouTube Page here (http://www.youtube.com/user/elliottad).

From PhysX Cards (PPUs), Are they Still Worth It? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRWRsVsQWMY):

This is an informational video about the Ageia PhysX Card, also known as the PPU, and itâ??s impact on modern PC gaming. This video also discusses potential benefits and cons one may receive by owning one in this day in age.

Really a bit of an Ageia PhysX FAQ for noobs. If youâ??re already familiar with the PhysX card and youâ??re a hardcore new-age gamer, then I would not suggest this video to you.

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12-10-10, 02:33 PM
Honestly, I still believe a dedicated PPU is the way to go.

However, I believe this less and less with each new video game that is released. There aren't any titles that can truly harness all the GPU power currently available. Thus, why not put the unused portions of our GPU to use? I think this is nVidia's logic and I fully support it.

Maybe if PC Gaming ever takes off again, and extra emphasis is put into PC titles to actually utilize the hardware- THEN we may see a need for a dedicated PPU. Untill then nVidia's approach is likely the best. :)

12-10-10, 05:20 PM
I took my physx gpu out. Just cant really justify it.

12-10-10, 06:24 PM
Hopefully the next generation of consoles will have some sort of dedicated physics support. That's about the only way developers will truly embrace the tech.

12-11-10, 12:32 PM
I like having my GT-240 Physx card. Lets me play Batman AA at it highest with my GTX-285.

12-11-10, 02:14 PM
Hopefully the next generation of consoles will have some sort of dedicated physics support. That's about the only way developers will truly embrace the tech.

This is the only way it will really matter.