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12-13-10, 03:29 AM
Some of you may have seen my post about my unfortunate accident with my customized Gigabyte Aurora 3D case.
With suggestions and much searching and reading I picked the Coolmaster HAF-X. I wanted room and lots of it, good cable management, and good cooling.
So far this case has far surpassed my expectations.

This is ThE RiG I, back in 2006. Brand new case, Asus A8N 32-sli Deluxe with a Intel Prescott CPU. That’s a 7900 GTOC in there with a nice big cooler.

Just a mess of cables but not bad for my first water setup.


I loved that the Gigabyte case had a customizable LED plate thingy but all good things must come to an end.

This is the ThE RiG II some time in 2008. Brand new 280GTX, P45 motherboard, Q6600. I love the smell of new hardware.

So hell and brimstone rain down and I break some of my front panel connectors.

Enter the Coolmasters HAF-X.

1 x 230mm intake front red LED fan W/LED on/ off case switch
1 x 140mm exhaust rear fan
2 x 200mm exhaust top fans
1 x 200mm intake side fan
1 x 120mm inside GPU duct fan
giggity giggity.......giggity goo.

This thing is so much bigger than the Aurora 3D. I have fears it will not fit in the place my desk is currently wired for but I press on anyway.

Large, isn't it?

So I begin dismantling ThE RiG II.

Power supply is out looking better, a lot of work ahead.

Nasty ass cat hair, dust and god knows what else. I can't believe this kept my CPU cool.

Getting there now. Man I needed more air filters.

More nasty build up and crap.

Finally all out and spread across my living room in all directions.

My 280GTX has been hitting 105c and that's way too much. Time for a good cleaning.
This is about 10 screws in.

12 screws in and I've got the card out.

Something like 18 screws in. I don't know how well you can see that but that's about 1/8 inch of dust, dirt, hair and a bunch of nasty.

I peeled off the nasty and the nasty... it is nasty.

All Clean, much better. Sorry I forgot to take pics of the final clean setup but I re-used the thermal pads and put some AS5 on the GPU.
The fan is now spotless and the heatsink got a much needed cleaning.

The motherboard and PSU go in very nicely.
This case comes with a socket for the mounting brackets.
It lets you screw in the motherboard mounts nice and tight with a screwdriver. Very awesome.

I panic a little at this point because the 12V ATX power cable will not reach through the back and over the top.
My panic is halted when I see the case comes with a ATX 12v extension cable that allows me to keep the cable going through the back. Awesome move Coolmasters. :super:

I love that this case has a hole in the motherboard tray.
In the past I've had to take the entire motherboard out to clean or change waterblocks or heavy coolers with backplates. No more of that plus better cooling for the back side.
Another nice thing about this case is the sides are bubbled out. It provides a lot of space to stuff cables behind the motherboard.

Day Two
I started planning the water loop. I picked up 10' of blue UV tubing from Danger Den, ten new tube clamps and a bottle of Feser One UV clear/blue Illusion F1 coolant. The tubes look clear to the eye but they look blue with the flash.
I fitted the GPU duct fan. It houses a Delta 120mm 190cfm fan connected to a radio dial front panel fan controller. Major adjustable cooling advantage.

Since this case comes with three pre drilled watercooling holes I decided on using one for a T-line reservoir.
I used a nice anodized black fill port with a clear acrylic back from ThE RiG I. I also got that from Danger Den back in 06.

This is to be the final layout of the loop before the clamping, filling and leak testing.
I used Feser 1/2" Clear UV Blue tubing. They say it flexes just like Tygon tubing.
After using it I can say that it is capable of some very tight bends and is of much higher quality than the stuff I used before.

I scare the cat taking a snapshot while grabbing the coolant off my desk.

Many slow hours later the loop is filled with coolant...coolant and bubbles lots and lots of bubbles. No leaks so far and looking good.

Three hours of the pump running on a rigged PSU and not many bubbles have survived. No leaks either so on to finishing it up.

All done and everything USB and such connected. Successful first boot…Whoo Hoo! O wait I'm missing a hard drive. I take off the back panel and see I forgot to connect the power to the single IDE drive I still use.
I notice how easy it is to reach and connect with the cable management I've setup. Reboot and all is well.

I used a bit of UV tubing as an end piece for the UV lights. I have the other mounted on the top below the two 200mm fans on the top.

A little darker shot. I need to get a better digital camera. This thing sucks, it's an old 5mp Samsung thing that takes like 6sec to take a photo without a flash and a required tripod.

After setting up a tripod and light adjustments.
Not bad at all. This case is great, fantastic cable management and lots and lots of room to work with and I may have just saved the live of my video card by breaking my last case.

Hope you enjoyed that. I did.:afro2:

12-13-10, 03:50 AM
That looks awesome! You make me want to go back to water cooling. :lol:

Tip though: A good coat of varnish will keep that cat from shedding into your rig again....

12-13-10, 10:43 AM
Nice job dude, looks a ton better. Do you smoke next to your PC?

bob saget
12-13-10, 01:39 PM
Man I want HAF-X so bad...nice pics.

12-13-10, 02:16 PM
Looks great! I'm not a fan of water cooling at all, I'm too scared that my stuff will leak/get wet/etc and I'll waste money.

Good job man.

12-13-10, 02:24 PM
That looks awesome! You make me want to go back to water cooling. :lol:

Tip though: A good coat of varnish will keep that cat from shedding into your rig again....

Thanks grey. You should go back to water cooling. It's so quiet and when I need I ramp up all the fans. O I tried to varnish the cat but she keeps running off.

What happened to the old one? Missed that thread.


Nice job dude, looks a ton better. Do you smoke next to your PC?
Yup, I constantly smoke right next to it. I really want to stop, I'm trying to quit right now but it is not easy.

Man I want HAF-X so bad...nice pics.
It's truly one of the nicest cases I've worked with so much room. The front fan grill pops right off without needing to take apart anything else, this thing is going to be so easy to keep clean.