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08-01-03, 07:38 PM
Firstly I ask that you hear me out, because although I mention linux, I don't think this is a linux problem. I'm running a 133 mhz box I found in a dumpster with linux, but found the video card that was in the box originaly could not handle svga, and thus I couldn't get above 640x480 in Xwindows, which is not usable. As the mobo does not support AGP I needed a vintage card, so I asked around and managed to get my hands on a Riva TNT2 Model 64. First thing I did was install it in my pc to test it out, and sure enough in no time I was running TwinView with no problems. Unfortunately, I hit a wall when I attempted to use this card in my 133. I installed it, and plugged in my monitor, but on boot, not even the power-up screen displayed. The only thing displayed through the card were random green flashes of horizontal lines. Originaly I thought it was a problem with linux, but to test this I ran the card in a 900 celeron I have running the same kernel, and it worked with no problems.

As the problem occurs on power-up, before the OS even loads, and before drivers become involved, and due to the fact that the card runs fine in other boxes, I've come to suspect that the problem lies in the interface between mobo and video card. I'm curious if somehow the video card could somehow not be backwards compatible enough to run on this early mobo.

Mobo: Shuttle HOT-555 v1.41
Bios: Award Modular Bios v4.51P
Processor: Intel P2 133 mhz
Ram: 32 Megs
Video Card: 32 Meg Nvidia Riva TNT 2 Model 64 (OEM manufacturer unknown)

Any suggestions or insights welcome,
Thank you,


08-01-03, 08:02 PM
Hm, have you tried to reset the cmos? if its a problem before the os loads, then it could be a bios isnt lieking your video card.

BTW, can you enter your bios or do you have video problems before then?

08-01-03, 09:50 PM
I'm unable to view the bios when running on this video card. The problems start immediately at boot. I'm going to attempt several things. As of right now, I've attempted to reset the bios settings through the bios, which has now caused me problems with my floppy. Once I sort this out I'll attempt to clear the cmos, and see whether that has any effect. I'll post again once I have more to say.

08-01-03, 10:33 PM
I'm still having problems, but I noticed another peice of information which might prove helpful to someone, or might just confirm my suspicions that the problem is somehow mobo based. When I boot the computer with the original video card, or with both video cards, it gives one happy beep at the start of the memory check. When I only have the new card installed, it gives one long angry beep, followed by three shorter ones.

08-02-03, 01:23 AM
Ok, i get the feeling its your mobo dose not like the video card.

First of all, can you be sure it is One Long Three Short.

If it is, then (if your bios is like most) it means a memory check error. Witch contradicts what happens with the other video cards.

But also if its One Long Two Short that dose mean video cannot be displayed. (most bios's have it like that)

So can you confrim that with other video cards it works fine?

If so, you could try a Bios update (if there is any) but i get the feeling the mobo and video card just do not get along together.

08-03-03, 12:24 AM
Here's where things stand:

It is definately one long, three short beeps, but I imagine that it is simply for the reason that this mobo is odd just for the sake of b eing odd, and its telling me the video can't be displayed.

I can confirm that the mobo does work with other video cards, such as a Cirrus Logic (model not known atm) that came originaly in the box.

I ran a search on futuremark, the company who makes 3DMark2001, and searched for instances of other people running this card. The lowest CPU speed I can find running with this card was a 266, and I'm running 133. Based on this, I've decided that the problem is most likely the fact that the card requires a faster processor, or possibly some other improvement that was made in 266 chipsets that is not present in my CPU. I've basicaly decided to surrender attempting to make this setup work, and look for either another mobo, or an earlier video card.

Unless anyone has some suggestions, or comments on this, I guess this issue is pretty much closed. Thanx for your help anyways GlowStick.