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12-24-10, 04:17 PM


It's a third person High Fantasy RPG action game that immerses players deep into the awe inspiring fantasy world of Dilogus, allowing them to experience it from multiple perspectives of six unique characters in both single player and co-operative multiplayer mode on Linux and Windows platforms.

We are happy to announce, that we are from now running on Unigine™ developed by Unigine corp, ensuring quality and state of the art technology for Dilogus - The Winds of War. Unigine™ is a cross-platform real-time 3D engine. It stands on the cutting edge of the technology and provides the ultimate power for interactive virtual worlds (modern games and virtual reality systems)

About Digital Arrow Studio

Digital Arrow is an indie game development studio with its office in Temerin, Serbia. Core team members has several games released.

The team behind the project has extensive experience in modding, indie game development and AAA titles, with programmers and art team that were in producing games such as Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 or Crysis for instance. Music and audio for the game is created by Symphony of Specters, who worked on a number of projects, including Castle Crashers.

Quit Boredom, a German media company that helps out Digital Arrow with media and marketing. The studio also has strong networking with different game studios across the globe.


Johnny C
12-24-10, 05:10 PM
Unigine finally sold that engine...

12-24-10, 05:23 PM
The middle shot kind of reminds me of 3DMark.

Johnny C
12-25-10, 07:30 AM
Looks like those are just preliminary artist sketches anyway....I have to admit I am interested though.

I'm really excited about Skyrim....

12-25-10, 07:42 AM
I like the art direction. Awaiting some game screenshots. :)