View Full Version : Budget build to compliment a GTX260

12-24-10, 04:59 PM
I'm thinking of upgrading a PC for a relative based round my old GTX260

so the CPU should not bottleneck the graphics card ,PSU should be just enough stuff like that.

It needs to be as cheap as possible

HDD,optical,memory,case will probably be re-used from old system

Any ideas?

12-24-10, 05:06 PM
AM2+ mobo (Asrock or Gigabyte) - $60, 4gb S.Skill DDR2800 - $70, x3 425 - $65, XClio Goodpower 500 PSU - $60, Kingwin XT-1264 cooler - $30...

Prices were approximate (and I included roundabout shipping costs)... ~ $285, and that would be a great fit for a 260, and would even be a good environment for up to a GTX 560.

12-24-10, 07:36 PM
Agreed ^ I built a very similar setup around an 8800GT.

12-27-10, 06:34 AM
They were thinking of getting a new PC but after speaking to them I've decided they don't need a new PC at all, Just a 2tb drive and an SSD.

He prefers his xbox for gaming and she just needs more space and for it to be a bit faster in windows.