View Full Version : MDK 2 HD Hitting PC in 2010

12-31-10, 01:07 AM
BioWare's humorous and humiliatingly difficult action game MDK2 is to be released as a WiiWare download, while PC gets a freshly minted MDK2 HD revamp

Both MDK2 WiiWare and MDK2 HD are being handled by Beamdog, a studio founded by BioWare veteran Trent Oster and staffed by "some of the original [MDK2] team."

MDK2 will be downloadable on Wii "during coming Winter," according to Interplay, while "MDK2 HD will follow on the PC through the Beam




Man i remember the tracks in this game....god it was insane!! i loved it haha!...One of my old fav classics ><!

Any idea what happened to it lol?

12-31-10, 01:44 AM
I thought the name sounded familiar, all I could remember was some alien-like guy with a triangle head.

Never played the game, just remember it from gaming magazines I used to buy what, ten or more years ago.

Ok it was the first one I remember. Might have to finally play a version of the game with this HD remake.

01-08-11, 02:22 AM
i had no idea bioware made this

01-08-11, 07:33 AM
Remakes are all the rage these days.