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01-05-11, 05:20 AM
Acer GN245HQ

Acer HN274H

I think a LOT of people have been waiting for a 27" 1080p 3D Vision display, and it appears that many of us are finally going to get our wish (wait, is there some sort of January gift-giving holiday that I haven't heard of?). Of course, I know some of you are waiting still for 2560x1440 3D Vision displays, but at least this release is a step in the right direction toward that spec.

"At CES this week, Acer is launching the Aspire Z5763, one of the first 3D Vision-enabled all-in-one PCs, as well as the world’s first 27-inch 3D Vision Ready monitor. The new Acer HN274H 27-inch and GN245HQ 24-inch monitors, which include built-in 3D Vision emitters, are the first universal 3D monitors that support both DL-DVI and HDMI 1.4 inputs, enabling users to enjoy stereoscopic 3D games, movies, photos, and more when connected to any 3D Vision PC or consumer electronics device with HDMI 1.4 connectivity."

Regarding the 27" & 24" displays:
"The new Acer GN245HQ and HN274H 3D monitors feature DVI-DL and HDMI 1.4 connectivity, as well as full HD resolution (1920x1080), and are the first 3D monitors to provide vibrant, LED backlit panel displays. The new Acer monitors enable users to enjoy a broad range of 3D content from a 3D Vision PC, or HDMI 1.4 3D-enabled game console, set-top-box or Blu-ray DVD player."

The built-in emitter is a nice touch, as you won't have to buy the whole 3d Vision kit separately, you can just get the glasses. Personally the 27" would be a perfect fit for me as my PC does double duty as a desk an media/HT system.

Regarding Acer's release of their new Z5763 All-in-One 3D Vision PC:
"The Acer Aspire Z5763 is one of the first all-in-one PCs that support NVIDIA 3D Vision. Featuring a 23-inch, full HD (1920 x 1080) 3D Vision display, NVIDIA GeForce® GT440 or GeForce GT445M GPUs, a built-in 3D Vision emitter, advanced Dolby® surround sound audio, a Blu-ray DVD drive, and optional TV tuner, the Aspire Z5763 is designed to provide home users with powerful, full-featured multimedia entertainment device. "

About the Z5763's GPU choices:
The 56W TDP OEM-only GT 440 is a 192-bit memory-interface-equipped SLI-capable GPU with 144 CUDA cores and a processor clock of 594/1189 mhz. The GDDR3 memory runs at an effective speed of 1600 or 1800 mhz. It has lower texture fillrate than the consumer-grade GTS 450 (14.3 vs 25.1 GTex/sec) but higher pixel fillrate (14.3 vs 12.5 GPix/sec). In the Acer Z5763, this GPU would be capable of playing modern games at high settings, albeit with very little AA or AF, at 1280x720 or 1600x900. I don't think that's too bad of performance for an All-in-One. What I'm waiting for is for someone to mod one of these and shove a GTX 580 in there. Alternately the GT445M is also available, boasting similar specs (though GDDR5 is an option with this GPU, boosting memory bandwidth to 60gb/s) and coming in just under the GTX 460M as far as mobile GPU performance is concerned. ... Overall it seems that a couple nice choices are available which should provide a great Windows desktop and media-viewing experience, and some gaming can be done as well, and I'm sure that older games would work great in 3D Vision with this PC (I'm thinking Ghost Recon, Q3 Arena, maybe even Doom 3 or Battlefield 2).

In conclusion:
I'm sort of wowed by this press/product release. Sure, I knew that 27" 3D Vision displays were going to show up one day, but I suppose the cherry on top is the Z5763; it seems to be an extremely interesting machine... I think the concept of this might prove to be more useful than novel. Now if they could add multitouch to the display, then this system would be more than interesting, it'd be lustworthy.

01-05-11, 12:24 PM
bumping this to the top since it got buried under some news less important than this. ;)

01-05-11, 03:25 PM
I don't think that really matters. It's going to be TN no matter what.

01-06-11, 03:02 AM
where can you buy extra 3d vision glasseS?

01-06-11, 03:33 AM
NV sells them directly, but better HW shops carry them too.

01-26-11, 04:34 PM
Does this mean a 24" 1920x1200 3d monitor is up next? :)