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08-02-03, 07:36 PM
I was just wandering how many of you guys on here play Raven-Shield. My squad has around4-5 servers available. I think it woul be cool if we all got on and played some games of RvS one day.

08-03-03, 05:53 AM
Only game I play, Im always playing on the offical euro servers as I like the changing gameplay mode every map :) My ubi name and ingame name is TsD.Smokey

08-03-03, 01:49 PM
Yeah! I am deep in RvS. I really like it but I think it will lose a following because of all that damn cheaters popping up.

08-03-03, 02:17 PM
I play under the name Ti|Deklin. My squad has a good amount of servers. BigBrothersHouse as well as the SquadGames servers are all run by my squad. I believe to date, my squad has now gotten a total of 3 squads kicked off ladders because we caught them cheating.

08-03-03, 04:46 PM
im very involved in raven-shield.. one of my fav online games.. i used to play everyday, but lately i have been real busy... great game though (minus the few bugs, and patches that seem to do nothing)

08-03-03, 04:56 PM
yeah, i play every now and again.

08-03-03, 07:48 PM
Originally posted by LiquidX
Yeah! I am deep in RvS. I really like it but I think it will lose a following because of all that damn cheaters popping up.

PunkBuster is coming, they are already testing the 1.4 patch, and Athena Sword is out in about 33 days :)

08-04-03, 11:51 AM
I play Raven shield heck i even made a website (look in my sig) :D
I know its crappy looking but im just a noob at programming :p

::BX:: NoiR

08-04-03, 10:39 PM
Well as we are going to show our scores here are some of mmine from today :p


08-04-03, 10:43 PM
And in FFA which I usually dont win


08-04-03, 10:49 PM
Also out of interst, whats your kit lay out?

Me as I play on offical servers which play all game modes, is as follows;

Primary- FNC + scope
Secondary- MK23 + cmags
+ frags and gas or (demo kit is playing bomb)

I used to use the G3A3 + scope until someone told me to try the FNC, now im loving that, seems to have less recoil on full auto than the G3A3. Im also 100% against cmags for primary, as it tends to take away the skill ;)

08-05-03, 02:10 AM
Famas w/ scope
mk 23 w/hollow points
heartbeat sensor
frag grenades

08-05-03, 02:52 AM
Don't have Favorite Primary gun if i stick to much with one gun i get bored so i swich from one to another , i do stick to some guns depending on level and situation...
As for secondary guns i like MK23 + Silencer :D
And anti HB gear.. don't use to much frags to dangerouse :p

08-07-03, 09:39 AM
I use

TAR21 w/ scope
Deagle .50 w/ silencer
6 frags
or 3 flashbangs for certain maps like Presidio, Penthouse, and Murder Room.

I'm known as =VD=KILLDOZR

you can find me most times at =VD=OC192 Clan Spot server.

08-07-03, 11:00 AM
i always use hbs and frags for my kit... sometimes a remote charge.. hehe those are great:D

08-07-03, 12:02 PM
Wel hello Dozr, I know you

08-07-03, 12:18 PM
ive added all of you guys to my ASE buddy list. Maybe ill join yas one day :).