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08-03-03, 04:19 AM
I just bought a Gainward FX Powerpack! Ultra/780/tv/dvi 256DDR GeForce fx5600 256DDR
I'm running it on an Asus a7n266-vm with an athalon xp 2100+ and 512DDR. I have all the latest dirvers for both my board and my card, including the latest AGP drivers.

here's the problem: About 10 minutes into 3d gameplay (War3: TFT) my whole computer either freezes up or just reboots. My CPU temp is at a max of 47C and my mobo is at most 33C. Please someone, offer me more reasons why this could be happening... i've also uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I'm quite dissappointed at my money being restarted every 10 minutes :p. any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

08-03-03, 05:42 AM
Try a different power supply unit, try so different driver versions, check the driver forum :)

08-03-03, 11:59 AM
i've got an ATNG 300W amd approved

08-04-03, 09:20 AM
In the NVIDIA driver tab you can look at the temperature of the chip when it's working. Now, after some time playing this Warcraft III you should quit and check the temperature of the chip. It could be that the card's HSF isn't properly connected to the chip via thermal pad or paste.

Also you could check temperatures on the RAM by hand (yes, that's touching it). It could be that the RAM is overheating as well.

08-04-03, 11:13 AM
it was the psu, i unplugged one fan and it was fine, i've got motherboard monitor installed and my cpu stays at 50C so it's all good, i'm getting a new case in the near future and that'll solve all my probs :D thanks for the assistance guys