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01-13-11, 02:25 PM
2nd smallest android phone on the market lol! 2nd only to the same model that has no slideout keyboard.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini


Video Review.


So far I like it, Sony has a custom UI for Android that works very well. So far everything is running smoothly.

- Capacitive touch screen.
- Smaller, compact, but not a hindrance. Fits nicely in the hand, typing single handed on the keyboard is easy.
- Interface is very smooth and responsive. Custom UI is intuitive.
- Camera takes very nice pictures for a phone, 5MP (will post later). Video does VGA @ 30fps.
- Audio playback sounds very nice for a phone, and can be quite loud.

- Only Android 2.1. No official upgrade to 2.2+
- Only flash lite support (someone has an app for Flash 10.1 support for this phone, so easy workaround)
- No multi-touch support yet, Sony is working on it though.

01-13-11, 02:37 PM
nice! Love the size!

01-13-11, 04:01 PM
Here is a random pic I took with the camera. Used default settings.

I'll do a video of something later.