View Full Version : poor rat 7 ............

01-25-11, 10:30 PM
I have that rat 7 and i like it however i can not use it... I have used it the past week and it causing my wrist and whole arm up to my shoulder to hurt........I have tried many settings and unable to find anything that feels good :(

Im kinda bummed out over it,Not sure what todo.... Guess use it as a good paper weight?

01-25-11, 10:44 PM
i looked at the video of the rat7...i wouldn't be surprised ure hurting...it looks extremely uncomfortable to use...

it looks more like a gamepad mouse...


01-26-11, 06:44 PM
ya it sucks as its a good mouse, but when it causing your hand/arm to feel bad its not worth using

02-01-11, 11:11 PM
I have been using a RAT-7 for nearly 3 months now and I think its the best most comfortable mouse i have ever used. I have it set perfect so my hand just sinks into the mouse and doesnt want to let go. I keep my arm level with the mouse and have gamed over 300 hours with it. I have large hands and it works well for me.