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01-29-11, 03:13 AM
Hi guys. Its time for me to get a new system so need some advice.

System will mainly be used for gaming, mostly rpg's and rts games at 1680x1050 but looking to upgrade to 1920x1200 later on. I have a mouse,k/b and game pads and screen.

Ok Let's start.

Cases: I am currently leaning towards the either the haf x or cm storm sniper. The CM storm is better for the budget but if you guys tell me the haf x will be a lot better then I get stretch it.

PSU: I was looking at the corsair 750w tx but now some told these gives problems. Should I rather look at the antec hcg 750w or coolermaster rs750?

CPU: I am thinking i5 2500k.

Mobo: I like asus quite a bit but can get gigabyte as well, other brands except intel is difficult. In order to make the budget work I am looking at the p8p67 pro from asus.

GPU: I am looking at the geforce 560ti but others have told me I should rather go for the 6950 1 gig. Is this the case?? I have read the reviews and 6950 wins in most games except the ones I play.

CPU cooler: I am looking at either silver arrow,hr 02 or venomous from thermalright.

Harddrives: For harddrives I was thinking a 2 tb sata drive for storage, which brand is prefered samsung,seagate or western digital. Then a 60 gig ssd for the os. Which brand is prefered currently looking at a ocz.

Ram:Looking at 1600mhz ddr3. Mushkin redline,blackline,silverline or radioactive frostbyte or the ocz reapers seem to be good value.

OS: Will be using windows 7 home premium x64