View Full Version : GF6150SE, Windows 7 Pro: Dual Monitor support fails

01-31-11, 06:23 AM

In our company's office we have a PC with a graphic solution which has several video connectors, so we are able to connect two monitors and show a customer the same as the sales manager on demand. This used to work for years already under Windows XP without any problems, and it still worked under Windows 7 Professional after an upgrade – at first with the drivers shipped by Microsoft, or some older Nvidia drivers, I am not certain anymore...

Some day, a few months ago, the video drivers were updated using the Microsoft Update system (to version 256 and then 258). Weeks later, the sales manager incidently mentioned that he has issues using the second monitor. So I started an analysis - with the result: Windows 7 does not detect the capability of the graphic solution to handle dual monitor output. A few restarts later, the surprising discovery:

The dual monitor display works during the boot phase, shows the BIOS screen on both monitors, shows the Windows 7 loading animation (with the 4 light dots) -- but as soon as Windows 7 switches to the login screen, the second monitor goes blank.

The graphic drivers were then updated to version 260.99 using the installer directly from the nVidia homepage. Same problem.

Here a few details about the system:

ASRock ALiveNF6G-DVI, nVidia nForce 6150SE (6100-430), AMD Athlon 64 3500+

Are there any known incompatibilities of the newest nVidia drivers with such probably outdated hardware? Would you recommend to remove the nVidia drivers and stick with the Microsoft drivers? Or are there any tweaks to convince the nVidia drivers to support dual monitor mode?

02-21-11, 10:34 AM
After some longer email exchange with the Nvidia support and a quick reply from ASRock too (telling us that this board does not support Windows 7 officially), including several custom installations with thorough re-installation of different recent driver versions, I decided to remove the Nvidia drivers, and Windows 7 restored version (ForceWare 191.07).

Now this version supports Dual Monitor operation in Clone mode.

So we'll leave it that way and avoid updating graphic drivers in the future.

May it have been related to the "DVI Graphics-SI card" (which "simply" extends the on-board graphic features by an additional DVI connector via the PCIe bus). Who knows.