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08-04-03, 09:01 AM

I'd like to know which of these 2 cards I should get for each of the following 3 scenarios:

1. I'm a DCC artist using apps like 3ds max, Maya, Softimage|XSI, Houdini.
2. I'm a gamer who plays games most of the time.
3. I'm a game programmer who deals with the integration of 3D works and C++ code.

The reason I've chosen to compare between Geforce FX 5900 (non-ultra) and Quadro 4 750XGL is because they're easier to compare since they have almost similar price, and also they both have 128MB memory.

After searching the internet far and wide, I still can't find any benchmark between a Geforce and a Quadro of similar pricing. If u found one, pls let me know.

I've read in the NVIDIA's site with a PDF about the major differences between Geforce and Quadro. However, they compared Quadro and Geforce cards of different pricing, just like the other benchmarks I found.

I know there're optimisations made for Quadro cards with 3D apps, but the newest Geforce cards with similar pricing have more technological advances added. Hence the tradeoff is unknown to me until I see one fair Geforce VS Quadro benchmark.

Under scenario 1, if Geforce FX 5900 card outperforms Quadro 4 750XGL card in terms of DCC in 3D apps, I know it's better value for money when it drops below the price of Quadro 4 750XGL u see.

I'll be glad if there're 3D card reviewers willing to compare a Geforce against a Quadro on a fair basis, in the near future...

08-04-03, 09:12 AM
Ahhh, the classic work-recreation dilemma....

I'm not going to make a statement about which card you should chose, because frankly, this is a difficult situation and you should make a decision about what you find important to do with you computer.


But here is an article from Ace's that compares the Quadro4 750XGL against some desktop cards of it's time (GeForce4 Ti4400 for instance). Now when you add some 20 to 50 percent to the performance of this card (depending on the benchmark of course) you get a _rough_ estimate on the performance of the FX5900.

Good luck.

The Baron
08-04-03, 09:18 AM
1. Quadro4. You're paying for the much-improved Quadro drivers (at least in 3D workstation apps, the Quadro4 spanks any GF-series card).

2. 5900. It'll be much faster and has DX9 features.

3. 5900. To test it, you probably need to use that.

Hm, if Unwinder happens to be reading... any chance for a GFFX SoftQuadro?

08-04-03, 03:53 PM
I have a Quadro 980 GLX (NV28) and a FX 5800 (NV30) and a 5800 Ultra (NV30).

On the same Barton3000+/nForce2 system the 3Dmark2001 are:
- 14K for Quadro4
- 14K for FX 5800
- 17K for FX 5800 Ultra.

For Maya and other OpenGL professional applications, the Quadro4 is noticably superior to both GeForce cards. For UT2003, the 5800 non-Ultra is noticably smoother and faster than the Quadro4 980 XGL, while the 5800 U noticably outperforms them both.

So you need to ask yourself, have you fired 6 shots or 5? What is more important to you: work or play?