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02-10-11, 11:00 AM
Mark your calendars: The GPU Technology Conference (GTC) (http://www.gputechconf.com/) is returning to the San Jose Convention Center, October 11-14, 2011. This is the must-attend event for anyone interested in learning about parallel computing, and new GPU applications no matter what your industry.

GTC 2010 featured over 280 speakers delivering insights about the power of parallel processing in topics from supercomputing to photography.¬* It also played host to attendees from over 40 countries ‚?? scientists, application developers, programmers, technologists, and IT decision-makers all coming together to collaborate and discuss new GPU innovations. 2011 is sure to be even better.

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4112/5012347949_fffae24bbd.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/nvidia/5012347949/)

Call for Submissions for GTC 2011 will open in March. We‚??re always looking for talented minds in academia and industry, so please consider sharing your expertise by submitting a proposal to present a talk, or exhibit your research poster. Visit the archives (http://www.nvidia.com/gtc2010-content) for highlights and content from last year‚??s conference sessions.

If you want to stay in the loop about GTC, click here (http://www.gputechconf.com/), to sign up for our GTC mailing list.

Watch this space for more announcements and news in the months ahead.

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