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02-11-11, 03:58 PM
Running w7 x64. Been using intergreated graphics of 980a chipset and drivers installed by windows update. Have a GTX560 coming today. WIll the drivers I have installed now work or will I need to install new drivers for the card?

IF new drivers needed, do I need to remove old driver before shutting down to install new card?

I thought this drivers included all the recent chips but the driver the site says for the 560:
Version: 266.66 WHQL
Release Date: 2011.01.25

Only list the 560 as supported. What about all the other gpu's and teh 980a chipset?

02-11-11, 11:54 PM
Yes I would uninstall the drivers and then turn off the onboard graphics install your new card then install the newest nvidia drivers.