View Full Version : driver question going for 980a on board to 560

02-11-11, 05:52 PM
Posted in the wrong section so posting here.

Running w7 x64. Been using intergreated graphics of 980a chipset and drivers installed by windows update. Have a GTX560 coming today. WIll the drivers I have installed now work or will I need to install new drivers for the card?

IF new drivers needed, do I need to remove old driver before shutting down to install new card?

I thought this drivers included all the recent chips but the driver the site says for the 560:
Version: 266.66 WHQL
Release Date: 2011.01.25

Only list the 560 as supported. What about all the other gpu's and teh 980a chipset?

02-13-11, 11:35 AM
I would uninstall the old drivers first,then put your card in and put the 256.66 drivers in.Make sure if you have a setting in your bios for the intergrated card is turned off or make sure it is set to the PCIe 16x slot.

02-13-11, 01:00 PM
I got it working basicly doing as you said. I removed the onboard driver also before shuting down. But this morning I had a scare. Turned on the monitor and had no video. Monitor was getting no signal. I paniced thinking the card died and moved one cable back to the onboard port and left the other (TV) on the card. THen hit the reset hoping it would figure out the card was dead and switch to the onboard. Instead, it came up on the TV. I found out in the power save for windows it had turned on video off after 20 minutes. But now that I think about it, I put this card in on friday. And sat morning I had the windows login screen when I turned on the monitor. So the card still may have froze or something unless the computer did some back ground task to power up video before I turned on the monitor.

So my question is this.. In CMOS I both set PCIE as primary video AND disable onboard video (mainly because the 560 driver doesn't support the 980a video). Can I go back in to cmos and turn on the onboard chip, but leave PCIE has primary so that I have a video source should the card infact die or some other strange thing? Maybe even windows would switch over if I switched cables to that port so I wouldn't have to do a reset or shutdown without shutting down from windows. Because that is really bad for the file system.